Tuesday, October 11, 2005

After several attempts in publishing my own blog, I'm glad I made it!! Thanks to Marhgil's Kukote, though I don't know him personally, he inspired me a lot to have my own one. I just fond of visiting his blog every day as if my day is incomplete without doing so.. :D

As my pilot post, Try to answer this question: Masama bang mgmahal ng isang tao khit alam mong my mahal n cyang iba? at what would you do s isang scenario wherein mgktbi kau ng super lapit tpos bgla n lng nyang ttwgan ang gf nya? ano s tngin nyo ang dpat nyong ireact??!!


  • At 3:40 AM, Blogger kukote said…

    i was searching on www.technorati.com for sites who mentioned my name... at napadpad ako dito! natutuwa ako talga.. promise.. kakataba naman ng puso. welcome to blogosphere! keep on posting ha! ;)


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